How to Install a Shower Head Plumbing

Outdoor shower

If you have ever wondered how to install a new shower head, you are not alone. If you are not sure where to start, there are a few steps you can take to install a shower head in your home. First, mark the location of the studs on the floor with a stud finder. Then, mark the base of the studs and drill a hole at least 6'' from the studs. Next, you will connect the shower head, shower arm, and faucet. After that, you should connect the faucet and 90deg elbow. Lastly, stick the horizontal pipe through the base of the 4'x4' upright. Lastly, make sure it is flush with the face of the stud.

Locate the shower drain

You will need to locate the shower drain and waste pipes if you plan to install an outdoor shower. If your house has a drainage pipe, you can attach it to it. If your soil is not porous, however, you need to attach the shower plumbing to drainage pipes. Or, you can install a French drain to channel the water to a drainage area. This step will also prevent your home from freezing during the winter.

Outdoor shower

Once you have determined the location of the piping, you can secure it to the post with pipe hangers. The most common way to do this is to use c-shaped pipe hangers. Place them near the top and bottom of the post. You may also want to use 4-6 pipe straps to hold the pipe in place. Before you continue, make sure the elbow joints point the right way. The top joint must face the shower, while the bottom one should turn to accommodate the garden hose.

Use a garden hose

If you have a freestanding shower that uses a garden hose, it's a good idea to store it for the winter. Then, in the spring, hook up the supply hose, and run the water heater. This will ensure that there's no ice or debris blocking the supply line. However, it is wise to drain the water heater before wintertime, since residual moisture can freeze and crack the casing of the shower.

Outdoor shower

Although replacing the shower head can be a complicated project, it can be done on your own. You need to have the right tools and follow a few simple steps. First, you need to remove the old shower head. Use a strap wrench and adjustable open-end wrench to remove it. After this, wrap the nut with pipe dope or masking tape. After that, install the new shower head, making sure to screw the new one a half-turn beyond finger tight.

Purchase a hand-held shower head

Next, you need to check the height of your new shower head. The height of shower heads can vary by about an inch or two. You may want to install a low-height shower head. This will ensure you're not showering over the neck of an elderly relative. If you're not sure, you can also purchase a hand-held shower head. These can be adjusted to fit the height of the bathroom.
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